5 Things Movers Don’t Want to Touch

for the most part, movers will want to move anything. When you are paying for our services, we are fine moving anything and everything during the process, it’s our job after all. However, during the consultation process we should understand things that you want to personally manage. These can be anything from mirrors or jewelry, but for the most part there are about 5 things movers don’t want to touch at all.

These items on the list below are the top 5 things among our movers that they do not want to move. It can do with the fragility or the nature of the item itself.

Pet MovingThings We Shouldn’t Move

Pets – Now we’re not going to pack up a pet and move it, but it’s best if we have nothing to do with your pet. Moving things around, kicking up dirt and dust will throw off a dog or cat who are used to things being settled. When you start having mutiple people moving through the room and carrying out furniture, it’s only natural they are put on edge. Your best bet is to crate the pet and move it with the family if possible.

Plants – This is very tricky. Firstly, it counts as one of those things that are very fragile and can break, which puts the movers on edge. But depending on where you are and where you’re going, it can be illegal. Vinyl MovingThere are several plants that are not allowed to cross state lines and we put the effort of research onto the customer because we can’t know every plant nor do we know the plants you have.

Fragile Valuables – When it comes to mirrors, record collections, things like that, it requires additional servicing. Part of the reason we offer art moving as a separate service is because it needs to be moved in a special manner. Often things like art, records, electronics, they can’t be moved with everything else. They can acquire dust or other buildups that can damage it.

movers dont want to touchThings We Shouldn’t Know About

Firearms – Out of sight, out of mind. We don’t want to know that you have a firearm nor do we want to be responsible for handling it. Similar to plants, there are a lot of legal implications that comes from us handling your firearms because if it requires physically handling them, that would require licenses. It’s just better off avoided.

Personal Effects – If you have a desk that happens to have identification numbers, social security cards, tax forms, etc. We don’t want anything to do with that. In terms of keeping out movers legally safe, we insist that you personally manage and hide this information from us.Personal Effects

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