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What do we consider a local move?

Customer who moves in the radius of 100 miles, or a move that could be done within a day.

Anything more than that would be a short or a long-distance move.

Local move is easier to complete

our truck on a local move in Sunny Isles Beach, FL It can be done by the client himself, or by using a moving company. It depends solely on the difficulty of the move and budget available.

Think about what you have to move, create an inventory list to track all the items. After you are done, think about the possibility of moving everything by yourself. It is easier if you only have a one-bedroom apartment or a studio.

It can get much more complicated when your place is larger than two-bedrooms. Heavy furniture, an extensive number of boxes and stairs can make your move a day you want to forget. In situations like that moving company can help.

Movers can cut the amount of stress and heavy-lifting to nothing if your move set-up properly.

Here are some useful tips to check out while deciding how to move60 Very Moving Tips

Moving by yourself

A lot of our callers decides to move by themselves when it comes to the completion of the local move. People who only have a few pieces of the furniture, friends to help and a pick-up truck to carry the goods can do the move on their own.

Exceptions are the moves when the drive time is longer than twenty to thirty minutes. In such situations renting a truck is a must do. Check how far is the drive between your locations before you begin moving.

Calling movers for help with the loading of a big bulky or custom-made item might be a good idea. Some people think that moving company only communicate with potential clients, however, you can always contact movers for useful tips and suggestions.

No-one will charge you extra for a bit of advice or a quick question. Remember, no-one knows better on how to move than movers who do the moves every day.

Besides, someday you might need the service of a moving company. When you have more goods or a farther destination to move to. Moving is not an easy process, it requires time, hard work and patience.

Moving with Top Notch Movers or any other local mover

Truck is ready to be loadedWhat are the essential steps to a successful local move with a mover?

  • Research movers within your area.
  • Get at least three estimates.
  • Choose your moving company and set-up the date.
  • When movers arrive, answer their questions.
  • Make sure that your movers did all that has to be done before letting them go.

This is it, nothing else. With little effort and patience, you can get moved faster and way more comfortable.

Researching movers within your area for your local move

We suggest looking-up top-rated companies on sites like:

–          Yelp

–          HomeAdvisor

–          Google

–          Angie’s list

These sites offer some basic information about the moving companies and their reputation. Most of them need moving company to be licensed and insured before being able to have a listing online.

Go thru the description, hours of work and photos. Check everything and if you have any doubts call the moving company to talk. If you feel like moving company avoiding straight answers or try to hide some of the information from you, ignore it and switch to the next candidate.

By law, movers must have their licenses and information about the company displayed on the estimates they give, as well as their site and other advertising material.

Keep a look out for that information. If none, check with the mover. If they refuse to give you it, skip this company and look for help elsewhere.

If you can find a USDOT number on the estimate or the website you can check it online by following the link – check DOT of the moving company.

Get at least three estimates before you decide with whom to move

Tony packing the kitchen, local move in Fort LauderdaleYou have to have at least three estimates ready before choosing the moving company. A reputable moving company won’t try to push you into the booking after they hear that you received only one estimate.

Movers understand the need of the client to explore all the possible options and see what companies are offering on the market.

Choose the mover and set up your local move

After the research is done, all the estimates received it is time to choose the mover for your needs. Depending on the area you live in, the difficulty of the move and destination prices may vary. Each moving company offers different services and alternative methods of moving.

Movers charge anywhere from $59 to $199/hr for two men and even more for larger crews on a local move. Usually, $59-89/hr will be on the low side. Moving companies who offer those rates won’t offer a complete service and add a lot of additional costs if you need a specific service or help.

Look for the movers in a mid-range tier. Not too expensive, and not too cheap. Also, pay attention to the terms and conditions, read thru it carefully and ask as many questions as you need. Remember, you hire a moving company and paying for the service.

When movers arrive, guide them thru.

Local move in Miami Beach Explain what needs to be done, what items to move and how you want your items to be handled or delivered. It will take you five minutes in the beginning, and eventually can help you save a lot of time during the move.

At the delivery, welcome movers to the house and show them where you would like your furniture to be assembled. After that stay out of the way. Enjoy your new home.

After the truck is unloaded, furniture assembled and everything is in places it is time to finish the move. Crew leader will ask you to go thru the house and make sure that everything is in places.

Walk with the movers and double-check that everything is the way you wanted it to be. Something is wrong? Ask them to fix it. Movers are people and might forget something during the hectic relocation process.

In the end, you should be a happy client with no damages, issues or claims.

Thank you for reading this article! We hope you enjoyed it. Consider Top Notch Movers in Fort Lauderdale to do the job for you!

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