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Whether you are moving to a new home across the country or just relocating your office downtown, our moving company in Pembroke Pines will gladly be of service. Let’s admit it; moving requires a lot of work especially if your home is filled with valuable items that you just could not leave behind. From packing your belongings and transporting them, to unpacking and arranging them, our team of experienced and certified packing experts can guarantee you that moving isn’t such a stressful experience after all.Pembroke Pines moving company preparing move

When hiring professional Pembroke Pines Movers, make sure the company:

  • Is fully licensed and insured
  • Provides you with a guaranteed price so there are no surprises
  • Is always on time
  • Is listed on Florida PROMOVER
  • Is equipped with a team of professionals
  • Can perform any moving services with high-quality work
  • Has complete references for you to view

Local Moving

Are you moving just down the street? No problem. Wherever in your area, you are moving to, our award winning Pembroke Pines moving company will provide you with only the best quality of service that you deserve. We offer free estimates and flexible pricing options to provide you with service that is perfect for your budget without the quality getting compromised. We also accept various payment options including cash, check, or credit card for your convenience.

Long Distance Moving

Moving across the country? Top Notch moving company in Pembroke Pines, Florida has got you covered. Distance is not at all a problem because we provide excellent long distance moving services. And whether you have just a few pieces or a houseful of furniture that you need to move, and whether they are big or small, we can absolutely do that for you.

Our team of experienced people provides the best service to make sure your moving experience is a stress-free one. Just enjoy the ride to your new home and leave the moving to us. We will guarantee you that your belongings are in good hands. With our expert packing techniques, we’ll make sure that every piece is wrapped individually and carefully transported to ensure safe handling of your possessions so that every single piece moved will certainly reach their destination.

If you are worried about the cost, feel free to talk to us and we’ll give you flexible pricing options for your long distance move that will meet your budget.

Move to Storage

If you are planning to move some of your furniture pieces to storage without having to go through any troubles of doing it, our moving company located in Pembroke Pines can do just that for you. Our professional move to storage service will ensure that all your possessions put in storage will be handled with great care. Whether it is just an old mattress or couch, or a big frame of expensive painting that does not have room in your home that you want to move to storage, we can assure you that they are all taken care of and that each of them is protected with new and clean plastic covers and moving blankets.

There is also no need to worry about the inventory because you will be provided with a list where you can indicate every single article you wish to move. We’ll also make sure that all of them are properly labeled so you would not have any problems when you intend to retrieve them.

Moving Arts and Antiques

Moving fine arts and antiques is indeed a tough job. These delicate and precious pieces need to be handled with utmost care which is why we are a leading Pembroke Pines moving company and have a team of experts who are well-versed when it comes to care and handling of valuable fine art and antique pieces. With our trained staff that has the skills and experience in packing and shipping such delicate articles, rest assured you will have all of them delivered to their destination in one piece.

We help you move your paintings, sculptures, vases, antique furniture and articles, and a lot more by providing the best quality of service like no other. Each piece is individually wrapped and packed, and carefully transported to make sure it does not get even one single scratch. We’ll handle them just the way you would because our people value your belongings just as you value them yourself.

Piano Moving

So there’s this piano you have always wanted to move but could not figure out a way how to do it yourself; Top Notch Movers Pembroke Pines will absolutely do it for you. Piano moving needs special skills and expertise to ensure proper handling of such a delicate piece. Because of its size and weight moving it by yourself is quite impossible to achieve. You need the help of people who know how to handle valuable furniture pieces and work professionally in transporting your piano to its final destination.

We understand how valuable your piano is to you which is why we carefully wrap every inch of it with protective materials to make sure it does not get damaged in the process of moving. We have a team of experts that are trained and experienced in handling such fine furniture so you do not have to worry about a single thing.

Commercial Moving

At our Pembroke Pines moving company, we don’t just help families move from one home to another, we also professionally help businesses with their moving needs with our commercial moving services.

A commercial move is a lot different from and requires more detailed work than residential move which is why we provide services that are designed to suit your business’ needs. We’ll help you move all your office or industrial facilities and equipment, large or small, and deliver them right to their destination all in one piece. Whether you are just moving within the building or to another state, our commercial moving services will handle it for you.Movers in Pembroke Pines

Top Notch Movers can perform the following moving services in Pembroke Pines:

  • Local
  • Residential
  • Long-Distance
  • Commercial
  • Move to Storage
  • Piano
  • Art & Antique

Customer Service

Top Notch Movers is a professional and experienced moving company, and we have your back. As Pembroke Pines movers, we love offering our clients exceptional customer service that is unparalleled by other moving companies. Our ultimate goal is customer satisfaction and if you are not satisfied, neither are we. Call us today for a free estimate and quote!

Pembroke Pines Moving Services Review

Peter L.

Excellent moving company, I was very impressed with top notch, Paul and Anthony were very professional and on time. They were very knowledgeable and careful with everything, they made it a pleasant moving experience. highly recommend them. Thank you.

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